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Microwave Diodes - Looking for manufacturer.

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    Does anybody know any good manufacturers of microwave diodes?

    Specifically, I'm looking for rectification that can be operated at essentially as high of a frequency as I can get. This led me to look for Schottky diodes (anybody have a better suggestion?).

    So far, all the microwave Schottky diodes I have found use silicon and have a 40 GHz cutoff. However, Sze has a plot (Fig. 37, Ch. 3, 3rd Ed.) that shows GaAs Schottky diodes with cutoff frequencies upwards for 800 GHz! Hell, anybody know where I can get these bad boys? :confused:
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    Beam lead diodes are popular in millimeter wavelengths, work up to 300 GHz.

    One of the manufacturers was Agilent, but they recently sold off their semiconductor division to Avago


    some of these diode are like $50 bucks a piece and require special bonding and a microscope to attach them to a substrate, or a waveguide.

    Another place for millimeter waves:


    they have cool gizmos up to a couple THz.
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    Cool stuf; thanks, waht!
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