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Middle of gravity

  1. Jun 23, 2010 #1
    What happens to gravity in the middle of planets and stars? Is there some sort of a singularity in the middle where gravity confurgies? Do we have any idea how gravity acts in the middle of our own planet?
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    See here
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    Eh, what? :confused:

    I did a Google search on the word "confurgies" and your post was the only hit! Congratulations! :biggrin:

    OK, now I think I see... you meant "converges", right?
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    At the center of a uniform sphere of mass, there is no net gravitational field from that sphere, since there is an equal ammount of force pulling in each direction.

    In GR, if you are sitting at the center of a uniform sphere of mass, you have the same situation, but you are somewhat deeper in the sphere's gravitational well, so your time is slower than at the surface of the planet if we ignore rotation.
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    I like it. I'm adding confugies to my dictionary of acceptable spellings to join centrifical force.
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    Yes, confurgies is a keeper. Nice sounding word without a meaning.
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