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Mie theory azimuthal ange independance!

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    Im doing a research degree and it is on light scattering (mie scattering) from mircon sized particles.

    I need help finding out to prove mathematically that the far field scattering amplitude is only dependendent the angle theta and not the azimuthal component. (that is in normal spherical coordinates)

    In most books it is just states that for a spherical particle the scattering is only theta dependent.

    Any help is very much appriciated!!!
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    Andy Resnick

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    Mie scattering is the scattering of a plane wave by a spherical particle. Think about the symmetry of the problem, and that will help you understand.
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    I do understand that the symmetry of the problem. I get the symmetry for any chosen scattering plane in the direction of the incident wave

    Its the mathematical proof i need to write down and to document.

    Thanks for the reply. Any help is still appriciated.
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