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Miss my childhood

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    I always think back how great life was in during Elementary/High School. No responsibility and endless Summers. Needs were simple, the world was simple. It gives me the blues. How do you handle it?
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    School was a terrible time for me and as a kid there constantly seemed like there was something awful going on. But I'm guessing the real root of your question is how to deal with the fact that you've had great times in the past that you know aren't coming back. Well as much as it's a shame you should remember that you can have fantastic times in your life at any stage. One year you may be having a rough patch with a crap job, no money and everything else seems bleak but the next year you get a new job, meet someone, move to a new area etc and everything becomes great. Make sense?
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    You can try to retain your core inner sense of fun and joy, even if you aren't able to express it as much. You can seek out ways to express what gives you joy. Also, I can imagine at least a victory so great it might return you to less responsibility and endless summers.
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