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Modeling coaxial cable impedance

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    I am trying to model electrical equivalent of a coaxial cable. The data I have is
    1. Conductor resistance
    2. Insulator resistance
    3. Partial discharge
    4. Insulation Thickness
    5. Overall diameter

    Actually I planned to use an equivalent circuit that has series connection of inductance and resistance parallel to a capacitor (Check the diagram shown below).Infact I am surprised to see quite different circuit here. With the data I have what circuit should I use? Kindly explain which of these circuits is apt.


    P.S. I donot have data about inductance

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to the PF.

    Transmission lines are generally modeled using the "Telegrapher's Equations" as described in this link:


    Are you wanting to model your coax differently?
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    I wanted to know in what cases a cascaded equivalent should be used? I want to make sure in what cases should I use a lumped model and in which cases distributed model.
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