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Modeling, Simulation and Engineering Design.

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    Hi guys.
    I just want to know how Modeling (Mathematical modeling), simulation and Engineering Design are related. Your views are welcome. Any references and links would be appreciated. I just want to know more about the Design Process and how different processes and techniques are used for designing a product or services.
    Thanks in Advance.
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    First, what are your thoughts on these questions? What do you know about this so far?
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    for me too yaar, i need modeling,simulation details for my electrochemical machining project. Help me too . if you have any collection of material, please find time to forward to << e-mail address deleted by moderators >>
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    There is a magazine that has great articles on this kind of stuff all the time. It's free if you have a job in the engineering industry, and many of the articles can be found directly on their site.

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