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Molecular programming (regarding happenings in nature)

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    This may be obvious to some, but have you ever looked at yourself and went, "woah"? Self replicating strands of molecules have come an EXTREMELY long way.

    Does anyone wonder, "why?" Its like there's some form of driving force. (I dont mean evolution, that is the "how") I mean, why do these strands of sugars and acids seem to need to replicate? And isn't it crazy that after millions of years of this, some strange chemical reactions caused us to be able to "think" for ourselves? Is there really "life"? It's just sequences of molecules that seem to be dead-set on replicating so they can replicate some more, over time becoming more and more complex for no real reason.
    (sorry for rambling:smile:)
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    This is the beauty of life.... :)
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