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Monster crocodile finally caught!

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    For weeks, a huge salt water crocodile has terrorized a fishing district in the Philippines, attacking several people and suspected of having eaten at least one fisherman.
    At last, it was caught in a trap, and will now be transferred to a zoo where it is expected to be the big star.
    It IS rather big, measuring 6.4 metres (previous record was 5.74), weighing 1075 kilograms..
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    well that's a shame
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    i can't help but think about how the eaten fisherman's family feel about this...
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    From the title of this thread, I first thought you were talking about shoes. I think the zoo should at least give that family free access.
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    There are several other large crocs still at large in the vicinity, any one of which could eat a person. Regardless, it is only suspected that a croc killed and ate the guy. All they actually know is that he disappeared when he went out fishing.
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