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More Dimensions To Shake A Stick At

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    Multi-Multi-dimensional Hyperspace

    Let's say both the 11-dimensional M-theory and the 12-dimensional F-theory are true. The F-theory is contained more or less in the Fractal sphere of measure space constructions, the universal plane of weights and measures, the SI metric field, the radical mathematical domain of dimensional language. M-theory is the Matrix, it is the transformational sum of variables intersecting the F-theoretic plane of numbers that allows the language of both; giving rise to the coherent reality of physical phenomena. However I believe the sum total of dimensions in the domain of all possible worlds having semantic probability, for the M-theory is quadrinary; that is the number of dimensions is 11x4, there are 44 dimensions. For the F-theory the universe is quantunary and the number of dimensions is 12x5 and we have a 60-dimensional universe. Consciousness, in the realm of metaphysical sense-data and in the realm of transcendental phenomena, can only travel in the 11-dimensional M-plane up to the 44-dimensional universe. All dimensions from the 44-dimensional space to 60D are what are reffered to as the sort of "God levels" or the holographic sphere of origination, the sort of domain where all weights and measures are stored; the 44-60 dimensional spaces are like the holographic emulsion plates for the projection of cosmological universes. There are 16 of them, 16 fiber maps deffining these holotures/holomorphic metrics which projectively constitute the 16-dimensional representation. The 26-dimensional representation is the logos of "crystallized light". There are more dimensions that have yet to be mathematically rendered, the 60-dimensional itself is just the beggining. There are Grassmanians of various ranks that function as informational access fields at the emulating levels from either 45-60, 50-60, or 52-60. If we live in an N-dimensional universe of matrices, an M-theoretic universe that can be bridged to another via a wormhole on an M-torus than the F-theoretic universe is the K-dimensional universe. And this is what is called alternative dimensions. If we are currently on FM...say 3.4 is the station and FM the alternate frequency where 3.4 = 3-dimensional matter + 4-dimensional time, FM is F + M (F-theory + M-theory) then what resides in the alternative universe of AM radio??? Perhaps this is the realm of vacuum. More pecisely it would be the zero-measure for a topological vacuum amplitude.

    These are the typographies of dimensions. We say we live in an N(3)4-dimensional universe, well I have looked into some others.....including the G(22)-dimensional universe, the C(23)-dimensional space, the P(12)22-dimensional universe etc. All these other dimensions cohere to consciousness as representations and as product measures. Multidimensional architectures can be remotely sensed by consciousness via commutation with ones own introns and exons <DNA>, amino acids <harmonic protein architectures>, and perturbative modifications of the human brain. This is like morphogenetic field transmission, epi-genetic sensing, eidetic memory, and all these other phenomenological channels. Hyperspace perception is done in subjective representational space, so that every hyperdimensional object in hyperspace is represented as a 3-dimensional image with mneumonic overtones (memory gestalts). Hyperspace representations within the mind or "soul/body complex" circumscribe multidimensional product measures. Everything is a product, mathematically and sequentially encoded "products of nature", "products of industry", and "products of hyperspace".

    Currently, the way I access hyperspace is through the linguistics and semmanitics of the interfacing phenomenologico-eidetic consciousness with morphic resonant fields, metrics, and sequential meaning stuctures of the hyperdimensional gene-pool accross DNA/RNA sequences for all space-time dimensions. Multidimensional quadrants within this methodology reveal themselves in a way like remote sensing of GPS information/ digital image proccessing; color, image, morphology, etc. that transliterate into mathematical formulas , lemmas, and independence proofs.

    But in order to understand any of that one has to examine the notion of dimension first, not just as an empirically valued constant of objective meaning but also as a pipeline, a multi-loop for language; it's origins, and interconnectedness throughout all space-time. {Remote sensing of multidimensional products; units of measurement for DNA+protein-embedded eidetic memory.} See Metrics, Dimensions, DNA
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    would i be incorrect in suggesting that you're basically saying that your awareness and consciousness has expanded beyond the 3D usual limit?
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    Ramanujan12, your post raises alot of philosophical issues, that are far from resolved. One of which is that you imply consciousness as though it were something other than the activity of the brain. Why is this?

    Also, I like your username; it's fitting that you are discussing higher dimensions :wink:.
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    phoenixthoth: Yes essentially this is what it means. Hyperspace can be perceived by consciousness but it seems to work in ways previously unimagined. Higher-dimensions appear as extra extensions of space-time containing their own natural and cosmological products in the form of representational images, symbols, and their memory layers. For every higher dimension there is a memory layer of ascending depth, the more deeply embedded and indescribable the memory is, the higher the dimension. These memories cross-refference themselves in eternity. The enculturated continuum of values keeps this information from naturally assimilating in human consciousness. Our future as a type-2 civillization will be tantamount to a total re-engineering of cultural values, languages, and science. We have really allready gotten further along on the ban-waggon in terms of the evolution of our consciousness than seems to currently be refflected in our scientific endevours and philosophical/mathematical discourses as a species. For the future evolution of our species aims in the direction of an evolution of language, a complete mathematical sybiosis of fields, and the re-birth of philosophy. We can allready see the interconnected web-rooting of information in the changing times we live in.
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    Mentat: This is true, the philosophical and scientific discourses have not yet resolved the paradox of brain-mind dualism. Part of this I think has to do with the fact that we have formed a deeply engrained habit of duality between both reality as we perceive it and philosophy, spirituality, and science when we practice them as separate discourses. Another reason for this is we not only have type-zero technology, science, and industry but we also have maintained type-zero philosophy, type-zero spirituality, and type-zero creative art. I would say our humaniarian sciences and spiritualities are even less than type-zero but closer to type-negative-1. We still practice formal logic as a type-zero and because of our wars have yet institutionalized a transcendental logic or phenomenology system outside the existentializing of the self in psychological discourses. Philosophy has pretty much retired, in most countries, to the cave of existence and post-paradigmmatic deconstructions of history. What I think is necessary for the evolution of a unified theory of fields and consciousness means the radicallizing of language and science into a new hermeneutics for all phenomena. In other words it is the way we interpret our discourses, our scientific methods, and the languages we use to form acceptability ie. the truth is a patended write of language.

    Our brains may be nothing more than a complex reflective network of manifolds in hyperspace that have been intersected by resonances, localizing consciousness into spatial distributions. Scaling of reality using measurements, as relative compartments of energy levels, colapses the dynamical observation of the metric field itself into a rest field where isotropic observables and corresponding isomorphic representations disappear. This means that relative measurement for an ion channel say or it's voltage inside the brain immediately, depending on the apparatus and observational units used to measure, hides it's complexity, conceals it's dynamical structure and produces a non-resonant map that cannot be continuously integrated with the cosmological constant. Holographic resonance theory may soon be able to render the proper metrics that would allow the cosmological constant and the homogenous metric to comply in both infinitesimal energy fields and differentials for points at various distances that produce resonance patterns ie. the brain. This would be like moving from culturaly-certain relative knowledge to self-certain absolute knowledge. In a walnut shell; the brain is intersected by the plane that continuously and in a non-orientable fashion "reflects" the localized physical world from the edge of the universe.

    Duality itself may be encoded by neutrallized light particles that hide inside the pre-synaptic membrane and the junctional fold producing invisibles such as galactic dark matter halos and voids. Tangential dark matter is stored inside the brain having not been observed due to the vectors of weak-electromagnetic energy distributions (using no more than 12% of our brains). Wormholes may even be synthesized inside our brains as quantum potentials were resonant tunneling of neutrinos, dark matter, etc. opens a gate into hyperspace. This would require the interfacing of nanosystems technology with our brains. Something like this would be capable of "tunneling" forbidden information regions (from the Hubble velocity power spectrum at the edge of cosmic space) into our consciousness producing perturbations of weak-energy distribution vectors in our brains manifesting "informational circumvention" into the "final tensor". Thus producing an equation that is one inch long (actually it's more like an inch and a half (1 1/2). What we will soon reallize is that calculatory mathematics describes observables but the observer itself as consciousness is better described using measure theory and probability. Consciousness co-renders reality by it's language: units of measurement and set-field measures for space itself. Fields, space, metrics, the mind is imaginatively composed of these backgrounds. There are empirical measures for physical locality states and there are transcendental measures for non-local states of mind. All in all the mind that is totally independant of physical embedings into material space is non-local in the sense of being a transform of hyperspace. This mind is translucent, residual and non-constant, the observer transcends into the pure hyper-relative metric space of the memory of absolute knowledge.
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    Again, without impuning ramanujan personally, what he's posting is just nonsense. I don't know if he's serious or whether this is just some kind of practical joke.
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    serious, practical, and joke -

    serious: yes and no.

    practical: deffiently not.

    and joke: glad too see someone has a good sense of humor.
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    Didn't read all of it, but I can see why he has that matrix character for his avatar.......
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    What is Higher Dimensions

    http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/metaboard/messages18/259.html [Broken]

    Sometimes pictures are easier:)

    Are there any corrections?

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    High Energy in String Events?

    http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/superboard/messages4/130.html [Broken]

    Part of the understanding of Dimension is the relationship to energy values. How could we ever ascertained what was mhappeningon a cosmological scale could be happening at such a small one?

    We had to find a way in which to describe events that were very dynamical and how woud we do that in the geometries of, if we did not understand the dynamics in plasma?

    I am open to corrections.

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    This issue of consciousness here is almost akin to a certain Doctor's ideas in general that some of us know and who is currently involved with one of the math forums. Good take Mentat
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    Also reminds me a bit of Jack's general ideas as well.
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