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Most predominant philosophical attitude toward mathematics

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    What is the most predominant philosophical attitude toward mathematics among mathematicians?
    I am talking about things like mathematical platonism, formalism, logicism etc.
    In some circumstances I feel that I am a platonist (e.g when thinking about pi) in others logicist or formalist etc. Does one have to be one or other?

    Thx in advance.
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    There is a good discussion on this topic in Wikipedia.


    I can't say whether a poll has ever been done to determine where all mathematicians stand on this. I suspect though that most are caught in their interest to math and not its philosophical underpinnings.
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    While I can't speak with any degree of authority on this, I suspect that "structuralism" is most common among mathematicians, whether they think of it that way or not.
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    Philosophy discussions are not allowed, since the thread is not staying away from philosophy as jedishrfu suggested, it is closed.
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