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Motion Control Device Selection

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    Currently I am using a pc to drive a stepper motor through a xylotex-brand motor controller. The problem is the PC's time clock just doesn't allow for steady movement.

    What I need is a specific controller to handle the signal to the motor. All I want the PC to do is send a command to the controller saying "go here". I just do not have any experience with this, however, so your expertise would be greatly appreciated. I just need to know what device to use to enable smooth movement of the motor. Also, I would really like the controller to take in feedback from a linear encoder.

    FWIW, the xylotex controller uses simple ttl logic, with a 1.5v max LOW signal & 2.9volt min HIGH signal.

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    Can you post a link to your motor info and controller info? What OS are you running on your PC? Are you able to do some programming on your PC in C?
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