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Movement of charged particles

  1. Dec 13, 2013 #1
    here is my question,a simple one that is :-

    why with the movement of charged particles a magnetic force develops through it?is it have any relation with quantum?explain me all about it?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Gosh! It usually takes dedicated students a few years to get to a place where they can understand the answer ...
    For this reason PF does not actually deliver lessons - only assistance with lessons.

    What have you done to try to find out so far?

    The short answers are unlikely to help you:
    There is a magnetic field associated with movement of charge because "thems the rules" - electricity and magnetism are manifestations of the same property. It has more to do with relativity than QM.
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    sir,i truly appreciate ur all answers to my questions but the fact is that my appetite is not satisfied with the answers of my level,although i appreciate u inall terms.
    thnxx and thnxx tou drakitth for replying
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    yes there is a relationship to 'quantum'....but 'why' questions in physics are never simple.

    try here:


    which starts out:
    So we have developed insights that link light/photons [electromagnetic phenomena] with 'charged' particles.....What even is 'charge'......just a set of actions we observe.

    Much of the Standard Model of particle physics, which includes relativistic QED, is based on observation and mathematical attempts to explain such observations. Nobody knows why moving charge has associated magnetic field effects.....'them's the rules' as was posted. We try to explain what we observe, rarely 'why'.....

    Sure we have math that explains such action, but WHY that action and not some other....why does some math replicate observations and other math doesn't leading to false predictions....many times nobody knows. Nobody even knows why this universe is made of matter rather than antimatter for example.

    Why is there charge? All we can really say is because we observe a particular set of actions, we can model and describe mathematically via a concept of 'charge'....

    “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility” from Albert Einstein is a bit of a simplification.
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    If you want to know why it creates a magnetic field then I'm afraid the answers probably won't satisfy you at any level. It just does.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Unfortunately you can only understand the answers that are at your level - i.e. I could answer the question with a lot of math but would that do you any good? I could explain to you in terms of changes in the electric field if you like? But if you don't know about electric fields there's no point. See what I mean?

    You want to know how the phenomena of magnetism comes about from the movement of charges yes?

    It's like asking how a coin showing heads can also show tails ... electricity and magnetism are different aspects of the same thing.
  9. Dec 16, 2013 #8
    please explain my question (ZapperZ)
  10. Dec 18, 2013 #9

    Simon Bridge

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    None of us can do better that we have already because you refuse to tell us what we need to know to help you.
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