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I Moving charges and varying magnetic fields

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    I understand that a steady flow of current will not induce currents in near by conductors. But, what about a steady flow of current that is being accelerated perpendicularly by a uniform magnetic field? Wouldn't this current produce a time varying magnetic field?
    This is a conductive disk with axial current flow.
    As the current is curved to the right, shouldn't it emit radiation in the direction of the blue lines?
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    Nobody has answered yet here, so I'll just give my best guess of saying: yes, I agree, these charges are being accelerated, and thus should emit radiation.

    Do you have reason to believe it is not the case?
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    Well because radiation can only be varying. So; if it does emit radiation, it would mean dc to ac conversions could be done with just a copper disk and a magnet.
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    What do you mean by "steady" and "accelerating"? If it's a steady current, then there's no time variation in the magnetic field.
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    A steady flow of current, dc, that is being accelerated perpendicular to the electric field by a magnetic field. The current is uninterupted but it must be accelerated as it curves by definition of the lorentz force. Does it produce a varying magnetic field?
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    The charges that make up the current can be accelerating, but if the source current is not changing in time, then the magnetic field won't change in time.
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    Why does it behave differently that a flow of electrons in a vacuum? For example, amplifier tubes use dc and accelerating electrons to produce varying fields.
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    What kind of amplifier tubes are you talking about? If you amplify a DC signal, you get a DC signal.
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    Any tube amp uses ac to modulate dc. A magnetron uses the lorentz acceleration of a static magnetic field to produce em waves. A krlystron uses magnetic fields to modulate dc.
  11. Feb 21, 2017 #10
    Sorry, I got confused. True, accelerating charges will emit EM waves, regardless of if the current is changing. So, you can get time-varying magnetic fields.
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