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MS in Architectural Engineering vs MS in Mechanical Engineering

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    Which is harder? The MS Mechanical Engineering program I'm just starting seems pretty intense and heavy on physics. I'm currently working in AE, but I chose ME for a variety of reasons. Is a MS program in Architectural Engineering equally heavy in physics and theory, or is it more practical things you use as a consulting engineer?
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    I'm afraid you probably know more about this than I do...

    Your degrees do leave me very curious though: how did you end up working in architecture with a BS in Mathematics? I ask because it's very likely that I will be doing Maths or Physics.
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    I work in Architectural Engineering, not Architecture. I started out as a CAD Operator (a position that does not require a 4 year degree) and worked my way up a little bit to where I'm doing design and basically the same thing a jr engineer would be doing, but my title is "designer" not "engineer". To move up any further, I need a degree in engineering, whence the MS degree I am working on now. I would not recommend this course of action to anyone who has not yet finished their first BS degree. If I had chosen engineering over math I would be in a much better position by now. Don't do it the way I did it.
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    I understand. I don't know if I will even "do it at all". I only found the route you took to be interesting. I won't hijack your thread with my irrelevant thoughts. Hopefully, somebody who's knowledgeable enough will spot this and answer your question. :)
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