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MS Office/Word language settings

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    I'm using Word (which was installed by my company, which is by coincidence, French in origin) and it seems to have some low-level setting that causes it to make French choices for things such as the dictionary and the "Writing Style". As a result, the Word dictionary thinks half my document is gibberish.

    This is not simply a bad choice of dictionary, it's deeper than that.

    - Under Tools |Grammar, there is a 'writing style' option dropdown. The dropdown options are 'Grammaire' and 'Grammaire et style'
    - If I look in Grammaire, I see that the text in the checkable options are ALL French.

    I can't find any other place in Word where you might be able to flick a language switch. I suspect it'd be in my System Settings or Control Panel or somewhere similar.
    I have checked Regional and Language Settings in Control Panel, and they're set to US English.
    I have also checked MS Office 2003 Langauge Settings. Enabled default languages is set to US English.

    Note that everything else in Word is in English and works fine - it's just in the app's ability to help me edit my content that's wonky.

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    i had a similar problem with chinese toolbars showing up in Word...but i'm on a linux machine right now. Do you have the CD with you?
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    Try the Microsoft KDB to see if it has a fix for you. Their KDB is generally very helpful:

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