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MSc Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors UK

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    I am finishing my physics degree and I am interested in doing postgraduate study in the area of nuclear physics. I was thinking about doing the course mentioned in the title, which is offered at the University of Birmingham. Does anyone know anything about this course, or other courses (preferably in the UK) which would be suitable courses for training to become a nuclear physicist.

    Thank you.
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    I think it's targeted at physicists, engineers and mathematicians and is funded quite well by the industry which don't quote me but seems to have a lack of graduates. I've read the course structure, it's on the web, it's a mixture of reactor physics, safety, materials, economics...

    2/3rds of participants are suppose to have a job before they graduate, quoting an email I got. You should speak to Dr Paul Norman, I've been reading some of the course texts books recommended which gives you some insight into the nuclear industry at the moment.

    Nuclear Renaissance - W J Nuttall

    Look forward to your reply.
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    Yes I read the course website also. Safety exercises. Economics. Seems more like a vocational degree to me. Thanks for that reference.
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