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Multiplexers for 500 pixel sensor

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    What is the best multiplexer to use if I want to manually create a 500 pixel sensor array and display it on to an LED or LCD screen?

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    Are your sensor outputs analog or digital? Can your sensors be switched to high impedance like a tri-state?
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    Do you have a particular sensor type or part number in mind?
    Is it a swept linear array or a fixed rectangular array of sensors?
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    I was thinking of manually bonding together the various layers requried to build a bolo meter and using tiny drills and cutting tools to generate an array. I simulated it out on paper with a chip to see how small I could make things. The sensor would just a metal that would be changing resistance which would change the current for a given voltage source. Then an amp meter would have to be placed on it that would feed to the micro controler.

    The multiplexer would very quickly scan each pixel and run it though the amp meter at a refresh rate faster than the human eye could detect on the LCD screen.

    Since I wrote this I discovered that flir units have come down to about 4000 and it would cost me probably 1500 to make my own and would nto be quite as good. I am still intelllecually curious if my idea could work though.
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