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Multivariate Calculus Text Recommendation

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    It has been awhile since I've posted. :rolleyes: Anyways...

    I'd like to start learning multivariate calculus along with linear algebra. However, I have a little problem in choosing a suitable text. I'd like to have a text with more theory and less applications. Some people have recommend Apostol, but is it too rigorous for an introduction? So, I'd like to ask what is a good multivariate calculus text that is comprehensive?

    I am also using this linear algebra book in conjunction, but it's up for change.

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    There are sooo many. Marsden-Hoffman for example? do you know¿
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    i learned from spivak, calculus on manifolds, and lang, analysis 1, and fleming, calculus of several variables.
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    I'm inclined to buy Spivak's, but is it too rigorous as a first exposure?
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