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Name Electromagnetic Technologies

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    Hi all,

    Examples of electromagnetic tecnologies that I am familiar with are particle accelerators, maglev trains, and mass spectrometers... however, I am curious as to what other tecnologies currently exist that involve electromagnetism. Thanks!


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    Automobile speedometers. (And everything else that has wires. Just as a starting point..)
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    Sounds like a nicely phrased homework question!

    Anything that has wires or a circuit board or produces light, pretty much.
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    Hahaha! Nice try MK ;) Actually this question arose from me DOING my homework on particle accelerators. Now I am just curious about other technologies.

    Anything with a circuitboard is more electronics with a small component of electromagnetism isn't it?

    Is this all we have in the form of forefront electromagnetic technologies?
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    -wireless data and power transmission.
    -satellities, or infact any device using the EM spectrum (including all light devices). :)
    - Giant, efficient generators and motors.
    - Small, powerful, precise robotic motor actuators
    - hundreds of types of sensing
    - i.e. medical imaging, X-Rays
    - radar, remote sensing

    Come on.

    Almost all cool technologies are electromagnetic.
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    (Almost...) everything we perceive on this planet, apart from the force holding us down, is electromagnetism. Condensed matter interacts almost entirely through electromagnetic effects - all except the exotic stuff that nobody was even aware existed a hundred years ago.
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