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NC open with condensor microphone

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    Hi all,

    I am using an electronic timer when shooting (CED8000). This also has the possibility to record man vs man. For this I need a normally closed cable for each shooter. The cable should open for a very short time when a shot is "heard".

    The manufacturer does not sell such cables, and has no tips on how to make them.

    I hope someone here can show me how to make such cables.

    t is for the CED8000 found here http://www.cedhk.com/show.php/Object518 [Broken]

    have a nice day
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    What are you shooting? Is this for paint ball fights?

    Why do you need to switch the cables? Do you have a circuit diagram of the present setup?

    What are you timing?
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    Scenario is:

    2 shoters with each 5 targets.
    The timer records, among other things, the time for each shot and total time.

    So I need 2 cables, each with a micophone at one end and a jack in the other end. The cables should be normaly closed and open for each shot. The opening of the closed cable will be recorded in the timer as a shot, and the time recorded.

    (The competition is to shoot down the 5 targets fastest, and is done for all calibers, .22 - .38)

    The shots come very fast and therefore the circuit must close again very fast after each shot. The normal time for shooting down the 5 targets is around 2-4 seconds.

    Hope you have an idea :-)
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    Problem is solved.
    Thanks anyway
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