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Near ballistic light/photon interference

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    For interference to take place, the light wave must retain their coherence. For scattering, when photon particles are scattered/dispersed/deflected, they should lose their phase relationship or coherence, should they be capable of interference?

    this may sound queer, i know interference are not explained via particle/photon but any way to relate wave to particle in interference? also if so, how would we relate on the above mentioned question on near ballistic light/photon interference?

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    photons do not couple with each other directly , but they do obey superposition ,
    I dont know if this is what you are looking for .
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    actually i am interested to know about intereference between scattered photons, are they able to interfere...is there any written books or journal on them?

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    This of course depends on whether you consider coherent or incoherent scattering mechanisms.
    One application of coherence of scattered light is in dynamic light scattering/photon correlation spectroscopy where you can for example determine diffusion constants or particle size distributions of small molecules or particles forming viscous liquids in terms of the correlation functions of the scattered light.
    You might want to search for dynamic light scattering for starters. Most books considering this topic also consider interference in scattering processes from a more general point of view.
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