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Need a clarification regarding my project

  1. Jul 11, 2014 #1
    i need a clarification regarding my project work..

    can we compress the air inside the cylinder at bottom dead center by modifing the engine by introducing a plate at BDC to separate crank case and cylinder block. piston bottom compresses the air which we introduced into cylinder just after expansion stroke using plate as obstacle and sends pressurized air to intake manifold.,

    actually my idea i like compressing air to pressurize just like turbo and super chargers do.

    does this idea is possible.
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    Yes it can be possible but this will lower the output energy or efficiency of the machine. Better to use the exhaust for chargers
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    Thank u Jmex..,
    Thanks for your positive reply it really help me alot to move further.
    Thanks alot
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    one clarification jmex,
    does reduction of output energy will be higher or lower?
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    What I believe from my experience will be less reduction in output but think about introducing another charge from the bottom portion. Design will be bit complicated but output will be great. This way you can use compressed air from both side as well as power from both side by every power stroke.
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    Sorry for late reply.
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