Need a replacement Linear Regulator

I have a small e-reader that I use for long flights and random opportunities to kill time. It's a great little device but recently it's been having charging problems. I narrowed down the problem to a voltage regulator. It seems that when I lift the ground the unit will work fine through usb. Then I can short the ground to its pad and unplug it it'll run fine off of the battery.

Well the IC is imprinted with X733 and a bit of searching pointed me to it being a SGM2007-3.3

Data Sheet:

It seems that I cannot find any supplier for that IC. Especially one that would allow me to get only one or two. So here I am, maybe you folks would have better luck finding it or pointing me to a substitute.



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How about one of these instead (AP139-33WG from Diodes, Inc.)?

It's available from Digikey for a little over a buck:

I just went to Digikey, searched for voltage regular, narrowed by linear (32,879) and those in stock (10,657), narrowed to 3.3V output (1,446), SOT23-5 packaging (299), and then narrowing down to those between 300 mA and 700 mA output (select click), which yielded 39 results (a mere 2 pages, many of which are repeated due to bulk and non-bulk purchasing).

Happily, the first non-bulk item has the same pinout. Unfortunately, its max input is only 6V instead of 7, but if that works in your system, you're (probably) off to the races.

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