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Need a surface to dance on

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    I'm starting to learn some 1920's Charleston dancing but I don't really have a good surface to dance on. I have carpeting in my apartment and don't want to damage the carpet or my socks from sliding across it too much. Are there any special shoes that are of a material that would slide across carpet easily? Or maybe there's a dance mat that I can buy that would make it possible to do all the dance moves on without damaging the carpet or my socks? Any ideas?
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    Well, how about dancing on a board, or on a plastic sheet you place upon the carpet?
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    Yeah, you can buy large plastic sheets that are designed to protect carpets from office chair wheels. Check an office supply store.

    Is Charleston dancing similar to Lindy Hop? I signed up for a workshop :smile:
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    Just a large piece of plywood would work. You can apply a layer of varnish if you need it slick.
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    Ballet shoes might be useful.
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    hi leroy! :smile:
    if you're doing charleston seriously, you should be twisting each ankle in and out on every step, and also swinging the foot sideways slightly

    so your foot should be able to slide slightly, both twisting and sideways, and unlike most dances your foot shouldn't necessarily stay where you first put it

    if you don't practise it correctly from the start, you'll never get it

    carpet gives too much, and also has a grain that makes it resist differently in different directions

    (and a mat or sheet on carpet would also give)

    i doubt that you can get the right feel for that ankle movement on carpet (with or without a mat or sheet), and you could even injure your ankles by repeatedly trying to correct for the slight give, or by changing from carpet to a proper surface

    you should only be practising charleston on a fixed smooth surface, with leather or suede soles (not trainers)

    alternatively, are you in it to get girls to watch you, or to dance with you?

    if the latter, forget about doing it properly yourself, just learn how to lead it (if you're dong partner as well as solo charleston) …

    there's always a shortage of good leaders! :wink:
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    Cardboard like the gangstas.

    And learn to break dance get with the times.
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    You need a raccoon coat, and don't forget to call your lady friend a flapper girl.
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