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Need a unique type of pressure vessel

  1. Jun 10, 2009 #1
    I have a very odd need for an experiment I'm doing. I require a container of at least 32 fluid ounce volume that is very rigid and strong; it needs to be able to resist preferably at least 100psi internal pressure (water will be inside) without deforming. The opening needs to be at least 2" in diameter.

    I've tried a pressure cooker; but the seal on those do not prevent liquid from seeping out. I'm afriad a nalgene bottle won't be strong enough (but that geometry is ideal).

    I really can't think of anything that exists that meets these needs; I'm afraid I might have to rig one up myself using an old pressurized gas tank... unless you have any ideas!!

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    I'd suggest just getting a short piece of steel pipe, threaded both ends (pipe thread) and then attach adapters and/or caps to the ends.

    Take a look in http://www.mcmaster.com/#"for pipe. Or just go to your local hardware store and see what you can find. You should be able to make what you need for less than 50 bucks.
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    Thank you for the website! I can't believe I haven't seen that before. I have tried the method you suggest, but it didn't work since I couldn't find wide enough pipe at Home Depot. McMaster Carr does have acceptable pipe sizes though.
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