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Need another confirmation

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    while working on the quadratic formula in school ,i came across another formula,and wanted to know if its been derived since i got this from the quadratic formula.the formula is as follows
    [-b^3-2abc +or- sqrt(b^6-12a^2b^2c^2-16a^3c^3)]/(2ab^2+4a^2c).
    please i want to know if it works for all.
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    Are u asking whether

    [tex] \frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^{2}-4ac}}{2a}=\frac{-b^{3}-2abc\pm\sqrt{b^{6}-12a^{2}b^{2}c^{2}-16a^{3}c^{3}}}{2ab^{2}+4a^{2}c} [/tex]

    ...?There's only one way to find out:CROSS MULTIPLY...:devil:

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    looks like the multiplication of both the nominator and the denominator by
    [tex] b^{2}+2ac} [/tex]
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    regardless of if it works or not the form on the right is highly useless.
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    that was a hard thing to say inha, how useless is it ,i just came across it and felt like letting the forum know how correct it is and u call it useless.
    thae was a hard thing 2 say
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    I'm sorry not to share your disspointment,but it's nothing more than a waste of ink and paper (or server space)...

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