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Need chemistry and calculus gift ideas =)

  1. Nov 21, 2005 #1
    My chem and calculus teachers are both turning 50 this year, so we are planning a party for both.

    I just wanted good ideas for gifts that relate to what they teach. And I'd rather have good gifts than cheap gifts (They are really cool, and a bunch of ppl are helping to pay for it).

    Any help is greatly appreciated. =)
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    For your calculus teacher, try to get hold of a planimeter.
    The planimeter is a neat mechanical device developed in the early 19th century to compute the area of of a planar region (that's sort of connected to the mathematical technique of integration..:wink:)

    Here's one link:

    Here's a link to an online auction firm on one of the planimeters on sale:
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    What about some of the classic calculus books by Michael Spivak, Richard Courant, or Tom Apostol? I bet your teacher would love those.
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    It translates into, "This is not a pipe", in French I think. But even knowing what it means, I still dont get it either.
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    It's not a pipe. It's a picture of a pipe.
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