Need help converting battery clock to DC

  1. I have a clock that eats up the batteries it runs on pretty quickly, and so I would like to convert it to run on DC power.

    The clock has a total of 2 D batteries, 1 in each "foot" of the clock (they are separate). There is a white wire that starts at the + side of one battery, goes over to the + side of the other battery, then into the motor. There are 2 black wires that connect to each - side of each battery and then into the motor. The 2 black wires do not connect to one another (unless it is inside the motor assembly).

    Can anyone assist in getting me started?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. russ_watters

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    Batteries are DC. You mean you want to use an AC to DC power source?

    It sounds like the batteries are in parallel, but it is tough to know without tracing out the black wires. But once you do figure that out, you can get a power supply at Radio Shack to provide the needed 1.5V or 3V power.

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  4. Thanks for the quick reply, Russ.

    So if it's parallel, I need 1.5V, correct? Does the amperage of the power supply matter at all?
  5. So, take one battery out and see if it still runs OK. If the batteries are in parallel, it's just for longer-lasting battery life.
  6. Id like to see the answer to this as well, as I'm considering setting up an instrument to take energy sources toggle-able between its native batteries and a modded 240 adaptor.
  7. It seems to run fine on 1 battery, so it looks like they are in parallel.
  8. russ_watters

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    Duh, I should have thought of that.
  9. Yes, typically D cell batteries supply higher amperage and amp hours (battery life). If it runs fine on AAA batteries or smaller then amperage is not a problem but it sounds like a higher amperage clock, 1 amp should be enough.
  10. Im not meaning to hijack your thread here but seeing as this guy seems to know what he's talking about and only one guy's posted help in my thread, how would this work out for 4xAA in series?
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