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Need help verilog code error

  1. Sep 19, 2009 #1
    Need urgent help ...verilog code error

    Hello ,
    I am new to verilog ...can someone help me urgent ..
    I have a task for 8 bit register where in i have to model hierarchial modeling .......
    here are my modules .... correct me please

    Someone please patietnly go through all modules and let me know whas wrong in it ....

    `timescale 1ns/1ns
    module register(reg_out,data,ena,clk,rst);

    output [7:0] reg_out;
    input [7:0] data;
    input ena,clk,rst;

    regmux register0(reg_out[0],q,data[0],ena,clk,rst);
    regmux register1(reg_out[1],q,data[1],ena,clk,rst);
    regmux register2(reg_out[2],q,data[2],ena,clk,rst);
    regmux register3(reg_out[3],q,data[3],ena,clk,rst);
    regmux register4(reg_out[4],q,data[4],ena,clk,rst);
    regmux register5(reg_out[5],q,data[5],ena,clk,rst);
    regmux register6(reg_out[6],q,data[6],ena,clk,rst);
    regmux register7(reg_out[7],q,data[7],ena,clk,rst);


    `timescale 1ns/1ns

    module regmux(r,q,d,ena,clk,rst);

    output r;
    input q,d,ena,clk,rst;
    wire x,qb;
    MUX2to1 muxinst(x,q,d,ena);
    dff dffinst(q,qb,rst,clk,x);

    `timescale 1ns/1ns

    module MUX2to1(x,q,data,enable);

    output x;
    input q,data,enable;
    wire q1,data1,enablebar;

    not (enablebar,enable);
    and (q1,q,enablebar);
    and (data1,data,enable);
    or (x,data1,q1);

    `timescale 1ns/1ns

    module dff(q,qb,clear,clock,data);
    output q,qb;
    input clock,data,clear;
    wire cb,clr,clkb,clk,db,d,s,sb,r,rb;

    defparam SR1.x=4.8,SR2.x=4.5,SR3.x=5;
    defparam SR1.y=3.3,SR2.y=4.5,SR3.y=4.5;

    not #(2.3) not1(cb,clear);
    not #(2.Cool not2(clr,cb);
    not #(2.3) not3(clkb,clock);
    not #(2.5) not4(clk,clkb);
    not #(2.3) not5(db,data);
    not #(2.3) not6(d,db);

    SR_Latch2 SR1(s,sb,clr,clk,1'b1,rb);
    SR_Latch2 SR2(r,rb,clk,s,d,clr);
    SR_Latch2 SR3(q,qb,1'b1,s,clr,r);



    `timescale 1ns/1ns

    module SR_Latch2(Q,Qb,s0,s1,r0,r1);

    output Q,Qb;
    input s0,s1,r0,r1;

    parameter x=4.5;
    parameter y=4.5;

    nand #(x) nand1(Q,s0,s1,Qb);
    nand #(y) nand2(Qb,r0,r1,Q);


    i am getting tthis error ....ncvlog: *E,EXPMPA (regmux.v,21|0): expecting the keyword 'module', 'macromodule' or 'primitive'[A.1].
    Total errors/warnings found outside modules and primitives:
    errors: 1, warnings: 0
    ncverilog: *E,VLGERR: An error occurred during parsing. Review the log file for errors with the code *E and fix those identified problems to proceed. Exiting with code (status 1).

    Therre is error regmux module ..but seems to be evrything perfect ....can someone help .... Also i doubt there is soehting wrong with parameter overriding ..also need helo in it ,,,,,

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