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Need Help with this Program

  1. Mar 20, 2010 #1
    Hi :),
    I am trying desperately to make this program work. The original program:


    works fine. When I tried to implement it in VB the whole thing works except there are no macroscopic features - as you can see its just rough between between points but there are no hills, plataus etc ...

    Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

    My VB code is here : http://freetexthost.com/cw0w53qqln" [Broken]

    This is what i get (zoomed-out image):

    http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/8379/95166269.jpg [Broken]

    Ive tried changing the value of the rough variable - everything between 0.1 to 0.99999 without success.
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    Could the values be getting overwritten as diffreent levels of diamond sqaure algorithm are being run?
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    Just checked the values - they dont seem to be getting overwritten once set.
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    lol, I was playing with similar algorithms back in early nineties. Some snippets of my Pascal voxel code are still on the net. Part of the code was a plasma implementation - seems like that's the base of the code here as well.

    Hm, seems like plasma is called "FractalTerrain" these days...
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    lol ... what did they used to call a green mop on a head in those days? Just kiddin :)
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