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Need Quantam mechanics introductionary literature

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    Dear fellas,
    I am a bachelor in Electrical Engineering, planning for Masters in Nanotechnology. I have 1 year time to build my basics in Quantum Mechanics. I got suggestion about "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics - D. Griffiths". But he starts directly starts with Schroedinger's eqn..
    Can you pls suggest books which will start with Basics in QM and deal all required things.
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    Doc Al

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    Take a look at "Essential Quantum Mechanics" by Gary Bowman. You may find it helpful. (It's the sort of book I would have appreciated, back in the day.)
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    Any introduction to modern physics book should have all of the build up to Schrodinger's equation and it's solutions. But you'd be paying for a lot more than you're going to use since most of these also include statistical mechanics, particles, and relativity and other topics as well.
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    Scrödinger's equation is the basics in QM... You can do some heuristic derivations of it, but the equation itself is as basic as it gets.
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    Liboff introductory QM, it's well paced for a beginner.

    And McMahon's QM demystified. It does have some calculation errors here and there, but it's the easiest text I've ever seen.
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