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Need software for running primality checks.

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    I love pen and paper but am terrible with computing. I have a copy of MatLab on my computer and aside from the operating system and Word that's about it. I need software that can run primality checks on 'small' gigantic primes of 10,000-20,000 digits in length.

    Where do I need to start?
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    jim mcnamara

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    You probably mean that you want something already written that can do a primality check on large numbers.

    A lot of software like gmp and pari have code, like the Miller-Rabin test, to do this, but you have to write pieces of your own code to actually do the check itself. There are posters here who have undoubtedly already done this.

    I do not have anything like that myself.

    So what I perceive that you want is to get a copy of someone's code with instructions on how to build and run it.
    I'm pointing this out so that maybe someone will come forward for you.
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    Your post is correct although I do have some help on this end. I really need to learn more about these things but need a starting point and the isprime feature on MatLab is not quite cutting it.
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