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Need suggestion on good Java text

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    Hey guys, so the second half of my first year comp sci course is winding down, and the exam is fast approaching. The problem is that our "text" for Comp Sci 102 (second half of first year comp sci) is a collection of notes by one of the professors in the department. After comparing his section on Recursion, and the section in Tony Gaddis' Starting out with Java - From Control Structures to Objects (the text we used for Comp Sci 101), I found Gaddis' interpretation waaaaay easier to understand. But here's the problem, Gaddis only covers up to Recursion in his Java text. We go into sorting algorithms, linked lists, multidimensional arrays, and a little bit on System information like the stack and the heap, and now we just covered algorithm efficiency in class with no text reference material at all, just the profs notes. I'm not lazy, I can take notes, but I'm just coming back to school and the math in the algorithm efficiency section isn't my forte at the moment. Can someone suggest another Java text that covers these latter mentioned subjects in a clear and fairly comprehensible way? Thanks in advance.
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