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Need to drop part of dual major (how employable is EE)?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm looking at potentially dropping my computer engineering degree from my dual degree plan (EE is my other degree). I would still maintain an emphasis in computer engineering for my degree, but do you think by doing this I will be harming my chances to be employable after graduation?

    Here's why I'm thinking of doing this: I'm 26 (did the military experience right out of highschool), and if I stay with the dual degree, it will take until the end of 2012 (with full loads each semester) in order to graduate. If I drop to EE, I only have 49 hours until I graduate. It would be nice to have a degree so that I can get back to career building, but I don't want to doom my chances by dropping one of the degrees.

    So, for all of you budding EEs or CompEs, what do you think? And, for the EEs, have you found the job market to be particularly difficult?


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    What I wanna know is why you majored in CompE and EE at the same time.. the two majors are almost the same with a difference of only a small amount of classes.
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    I work in the bioengineering field, and am not an electrical engineer - but the ones I have seen come through my department do very well. They are in demand in bioengineering anyway - even if it isn't always directly EE type projects, the skills you learn in any engineering degree are useful. Engineers are only a slight step away from physicists in general employability - you will have a great skill set of problem solving, practical skills and programming - not to forget the 'mundane' things that graduate employers really do need like report writing, summarising and expressing data.

    I don't think you'll lose anything in employability by not taking a double major. What it comes down to is which of the two subjects you prefer: EE or CompE - presumably it is EE. The difficult thing when it comes to looking for work is finding the job that you want, and getting that one.
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