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Need to get this straightened out.

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    Ok, I'm a 19 years old guy without much social experience. It also doesn't help that I've only been the US for only a few years and where I came from has a completely different values system than the US. So, I've been told by a girl that pretty much all girls care a lot about money. She said that they care about money and gifts and that was pretty much ALL girls. What I need is just someone to tell me if that's true or not. I'm leaning more towards it being true because one of my friends (a male) said that his mom told him all girls care about is his money. She basically told him that it doesn't matter what he looks like or whatever...all they care about is how much money he's got. Do girls really go after guys with $200 dollars sun glasses because they "look" rich? Do they care that much about money in the first place?
    I know a lot of you are way past my age and this might seem pretty stupid to you. Eh, you wouldn't mind giving advice to a kid starting his life now would you?

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    It depends how old you are, at 19, its significant, but not really that big of a deal. Under 18 and don't even sweat it. Over 23 and if your loaded you've got it made for a big part.
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    You are ill informed Physics_wiz, money will only buy sex, so if all you want is a
    live in prostitute fine, when a couple marry they commit to stay together
    through thick and thin, if there is no love between you any togetherness is
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    Getting a girl (interested in you) is very different than keeping a girl wolram
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    Well if the only thing that attracts a girl to you is money i feel sorry for the
    human race, how the heck do the poor reproduce ? i have some money but
    i would never use it to buy a girl friend, the idea is just so shallow and
    meaningless, if i attracted a girl because she saw a huge wad of notes in
    my wallet i would tell her to sod off.
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    The truth is that every woman is different. It is common, though not universal, in younger women, to find an interest in guys with more money. It's not that money is the attraction in and of itself, but that they will look for a potential mate from among the guys with more money. The reason isn't obscure: it means that any family they start will be better off. Your solid-thinking teen girl has this at the back of her mind.

    Some girls have it a bit screwed up, though, and are not thinking "family" but "luxury". This kind is more attracted to unnecessary displays of flashy money-spending. They make bad wives and mothers.

    Some girls are more independent and realize they don't want to make the kind of sacrifices it takes to cater to a guy with money. They prefer to be more self supporting, and be able to pick and chose guys they actually like.

    Those are three broad categories, and most women don't fall squarely into any one, but it's a place to start from in analysing what the girls you encounter seem to be interested in.
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    Physics_Wiz, stay away from the women who only are interested in money (of course that's easiest when you're still a student and don't have much money). It's not true that all women want men for money, and all you'll find from them is a very superficial "relationship." And, I have the same reaction to seeing a guy who is wearing $200 sunglasses (that is if I were to know enough about how they are different from the $5 sunglasses to recognize what they are)...he must only think of money and material wealth, has no sense of practicality, and is probably working his way into debt quickly.

    Now, financial security is certainly helpful, but that doesn't have to mean rich, just that you're steadily employed (same for a woman, she should also be financially secure) so that you don't have to live worrying about where the rent or mortgage payment will come from or having to choose between buying food or heating the house in winter. But, men who are financially secure are that way not for having been born rich, but because they are stable people in general...they work hard, have a sense of responsibility, are trustworthy, mature men. They aren't the spend-thrift, irresponsible, lazy, never going to grow up ones.

    That's not to say there aren't women who go after the spend-thrifts. Afterall, a woman with those same qualities who has no sense of saving for the future would be attracted to someone willing to fund her own immature spending habits.
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    That's exactly how I feel about it wolram.

    Thanks for all the other replies. They were really helpful.
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    I'm only 19 too, so it doesn't really apply very much to me.
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    You'll probably find that such attitudes are far more common in the states than where you're from, but the girl who told you that is definitely a bit thick.
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    M.O.B. -2pac
  13. Oct 8, 2005 #12
    Mothers Against Bush? :biggrin:
  14. Oct 8, 2005 #13
    Better than Celine Dion :tongue2:
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    I keep forgetting that you live in Arizona :P

    I would expect such a comment from a girl at ASU.... yet I am hoping that you go to UA... Soo...do you go to ASU or U of A?
  16. Oct 8, 2005 #15
    I don't live in Arizona. I live in WV and go to WVU.
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    I go to ASU.. and it really wouldn't make a difference.. its not like I would ask a girl I was interested in whether shes into my money, I've never been asked that by a girl anyway. It's something that grows apparent after a while, for example: If you take a girl out to Chili's for a first date it isnt the same as taking her out to like, Cheesecake Factory or Olive Garden, you see? And the next few dates too..
    Also, if you drive a 92 Camry as opposed to an 05 BMW.. other big differences, the girl would be alot more impressed if you have money.
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    Oh...opps he wasn't talking to me :tongue2:
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    I'm 23, female, live in the US, and I see money as a minor detail.
    (:biggrin: Gosh, I love English.) I'd just add one more:
    Broads who support themselves and their partners.
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    And ALL French women ever care about is a guy's philosophy. Even Sartre pulled it with Simone de Beaver (please don't immobilize me, that was his nickname for her). He wasn't rich or good-looking (so I've heard). But he was a famous philander, er... excuse me, philosopher. Now, how do you explain this with the womanly instinct to raise a family? Unless what is the point of faring well if the kids don't understand why they are not here for? (Oh, mademoiselle! You are, too! :blushing:)
  21. Oct 9, 2005 #20
    Beaver was attracted to Sartre before he became famous though. And she was just as famous in her time, although Sartre has become more known worldwide. They developed a lot of theories co-dependantly and often couldn't tell who's ideas where who's in any given book/essay/article.
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