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Negative value of displacement

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    A car travelling rightward slams on the breaks and skids to a stop (with locked wheels). Find the distance required to stop it. (I have taken away some parts of the question.)

    The answer became -33.6 m. Why is the value negative? Thank you in advance!
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    Because it is a school excercise rather than real (engineering, forensic, scientific) life, and your teacher (author of the excercise) chose such direction for "X-axis" used to analyse the problem.

    In reality noone would give you a negative number as an answer. Probably noone would also give so precise number, rather that "car stops in 100 feet" "30m", or maybe even "33m"
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    You should be posting this in the homework help forums. Also you need to post the correct and complete problem.

    It is clear you have made a mistake but there is no way to help you due to insufficient information.

    Locked: Please post a a complete question with your work in the homework help forums.
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