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Homework Help: Networking -Message Segmentation

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    Networking -Message Segmentation"

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    Discuss the drawbacks of message segmentation.

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    None. period. I cannot think of a single drawback on this system. It is the best method to send packets over any other methods, definitely including message switching.

    Yet it asks to discuss the drawbacks of this process. What could possibly be a drawback to this system?
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    I'm not familiar with the term "message segmentation" per se, but reduced throughput and segment swapping/queuing issues come to mind.
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    In modern packet-switched networks, the source host segments long, application-layer messages (for example, an image or a music file) into smaller packets and sends the packets into the network. The receiver then reassembles the packets back into the original message. This process is known as message segmentation.

    Here is an applet of message segmentation

    http://lerci.tagus.ist.utl.pt/applets/message/messagesegmentation.html [Broken]

    As for reduced throughput, isn't that an issue for all process of packet delivering anyways? Same with queuing, but as for segment swapping, can you be more specific on what issue this might bring?
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