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Neural Cybernetics

  1. Jun 14, 2013 #1

    I'm going to be studying Computer Science and Physics at the University of Nebraska (Incoming Freshman). I wish to switch to computer engineering for sure, but I have had a great deal of interest in brain interfacing. When I'm reviewing research documents and such it's starting to seem like a medical field or bio/chem major would be more helpful. My skill set is in the range of Engineering, programming, mathematics, physics but I am not really into biology and chemistry, nor want to take it.

    So my question is, will Computer engineering and Physics(because I just really enjoy it :p) be able to allow me to work on brain interfacing in a research field? I'd love to work on some projects but I keep have to run around the bio/chem area. But if I really want to continue down this path of Neural Cybernetics/brain interfacing is Computer engineering and physics a good idea?
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    I actually know a local research group working on a similar topic. Their team consists of both CS and Bio/Neuro people. Usually you won't need to know intricate biological details, but learning some basic knowledge helps.

    Edit: More info that you may be interested in. http://neurovision.cs.iupui.edu/index.html
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