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NeverWet contains nano-particles

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    Rust-Oleum NeverWet, Superhydrophobic Coating That Makes Everyday Materials Repel Liquid

    A five minute video introducing a new water repellent product.

    [I decided to post it here because of the virtually unlimited application possibilities, like waterproofing your i phone.]

    I wonder how it performs under cold and heat conditions. Does clothing still breath when coated?? Keep snow blower chutes ice free? Keep food crud from sticking to microwave dishes. Is it 'slippery'?

    No, I have no connection with the product.
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    I read and hear a couple of people say that UV light is destructive to it, so something that's in the sun won't have a protective coating for long. I also read some people say that it flakes off of bendable materials like fabrics.
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    Lol never wet.
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    A simple search before posting would have told you that it cannot be used for that.

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