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New and hesitant

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    Hello, I am Lambda, though it seems the name has already been taken by another claimant, and so I call myself Greek Letter from now on. Quite original, I know, about as original as the term 'positron'. But then again, originality is often very overrated.

    I'm an arrogant fifteen year-old ninth grade student from the Czech republic. I'm condescending, and try to look smarter than everyone else, even though I realize fully that I am an idiot. However, I tend not to burden myself with reality, because I'm that much of a coward.

    Anyway! I came here with doubts in my mind. I knew for sure I'd find many terms I have never heard of. That was my greatest fear. Something which would make me doubt my already lacking intelligence even further. Well, I'm in such a horrible mental state as of late that I decided to take a leap of faith. I hope it pays off.

    Pessimism is key,

    Greek Letter
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    Welcome to PF! I think you are way too hard on yourself. Hopefully you can find some optimism while at this great community.
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    Thank you for the welcome! I certainly hope I do.
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