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New Book by Prof Kip Thorne on The Science of Interstellar

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    I found a new book on The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne


    What caught my attention was a photo of John Wheeler at the black board teaching about black holes. You could see the incredible detail in each pane of the board almost like PowerPoint slides of today.
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    Isn't this movie being torn to shreds in the SciFI forum?
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    No. There were a couple folks trying to sound edgy and cool, on a physics forum, spouting the usual "omg this movie sucks. the physics aren't realistic at all!" yet are apparently incapable of stating what exactly they don't like about it.

    As someone in that thread already stated... anyone that goes to see the movie expecting a physics lecture is an idiot and shouldn't be making any claims about the quality of it.
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    It's the old conundrum where if you want to make a movie with accurate physics it becomes a documentary but if you change things here and there to make the story more exciting then it becomes science fiction. It's either one or the other or worse it's a flop.
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    This is true. And I trust the reviews on IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes way more than some wet blanket that says the movie is garbage just because the physics isn't spot on. It's a MOVIE......
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