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New Develtopments In Chemical Engineering

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    Need some help here.

    I'm going for an interview for Chemical Engineering and I'd like to get some detailed info on what's happening in Chemical Engineering. I've looked at Chem Eng journals for developments and here's where the problem is. I have to subscribe since I'm not actually an engineer- money which I don't have, other places also include articles I have to pay for separately.
    Have any of you got any websites that has developments...that are free?

    Much thanks in advance
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    Go to the nearest University library - preferably one that offers Chem Eng degrees. They'll have the most current journals, especially if they have good research programs in-house.
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    I'm not in University, sorry if I didn't make this clear. I'm going for an Interview for a possible place to do Chemical Engineering in the University.
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    You don't necessarily have to be attending a University to access their libraries and read articles in their periodicals rooms. State colleges are funded in part with taxpayer money and you should be able to get some level of access to their periodicals.
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