Chemical engineering, is it for me?

  1. I'm a college student 17 years of age; I'm at the point in life where I need to use what degree I want to do. I have chosen the following a levels:
    - Physics
    - Further maths
    - Chemistry
    - Maths
    At the moment I'm thinking of doing either chemical engineering or maths.
    I have always been fond of maths but I don't if I'll start to hate at uni as it's all theory based.
    Also chemical engineering I have chosen because it includes all my a levels and of course the salary :approve:.
    Though the problem is I don't know if I'll like either of them; so what kind of questions should I be asking myself before making a choice.
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  3. Money doesn't care what you like.
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    Math is a very widely applicable skill, so you can study it and keep your options open for changing to another major if math loses its appeal. Note that cryptography is applied math and a major growth area in the economy.
    Physics is a near math discipline, chemistry rather less so, both areas are directly tied to large segments of industry, with job opportunities to match.
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    You are set up pretty well for any type of engineering (mech, electrical, chem, civil, aerospace, etc ....) at university, or physics, chemistry or maths.

    The engineering courses in the first year are often common to all the disciplines, so you don't really have to make a decision about what to specialize in until the second year.

    If you want to be involved in something "practical", maybe a maths degree isn't the best choice for you. You will probably find there's a much larger maths content in university-level engineering or science than in A level science courses.
  6. After intense research I think I'll do maths, as it leaves me with so many choices at the end. Thanks for the advise guys!
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