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Online Certificates/Programs to Supplement Resume

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    I'm currently employed as a R&D chemical/materials engineer with almost two years of experience. I plan to quit my job soon and take 6-9 months to self-teach myself advanced engineering concepts and to develop certain skills I’ll need to succeed in my career. I have a well thought out plan on how to accomplish this and have concluded that the benefits of doing this far out way the risks. However, I want to minimize the risk of not being able to find a job in 6-9 months considering the stereotype that HR/hiring managers have of unemployed applicants. What are some inexpensive but good online engineering certificates/programs, ideally related to materials/chemical engineering, that would act to supplement the job gap on my resume? Taking classes through a university is not currently an option. I have BS in chemical engineering and a passion for the development of advanced materials, especially catalysts.
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    I am not an engineer but on-line programs are to be suspect. There must be some acknowledgement from recognized professional organizations of the validity of the programs e.g., . certified by the National Society of Professional Engineers. Caveat emptor.
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    What country? The Open University in the UK is respected but don't know if they have the course you need. Can do their courses while you work. My wife did one some years ago. Was hard work.
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