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New field of neuromarketing

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    Ivan Seeking

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    See the option at the top right-center of the page to watch online.
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    These kinds of things have been around for a while.

    As a business grad, I can tell you that they basically make majoring in marketing and economics absolutely worthless.
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    Yeah, they have been around for years...it's just subliminal advertising all over again. Because that was banned they find a way around it. Also i heard that some company or companies have developed a software that links up to your webcam, notes several expressions, and depending on what facial expression you have at a certain time, a pop-up or something comes up selling you something, and apparently you facial expression is supposed to show that you sub-consiously or consiously desire that item at that certain time.
    Obviously only works when your webcam is actually turned on by you.

    Overall...neuromarketing is and invasion of privacy! it won't be long until people realise it's pretty much the same thing as subliminal advertising and will inevitably get banned again. Thus leading to another inevitibility...within another decade or so they'll find another way around...another way to pebble dash your mind, and make you waste heaps of money of stuff you don't need....this could make people homeless if their not careful. By being cohersed into buying junk, people might not be left with enough money to pay for their bills.

    This is wrong.
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