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    Hello forum members,
    I have been browsing the news articles available on the website a few times throughout each day for more than 7-8 months reading most of the articles. My interests are probably most easily explained by saying everything from the Big Bang and all the processes and events that led up to now. The interest is solely for my own, I am not involved in any fields, and I admit I'm not a math lover. I easily remember most of the information I read on websites, and remember the important values and have the concepts down.
    I grew up with a father who thought Quantum Mechanics was second to only having 4 kids (I could not have been past the 6th/7th grade, ) who randomly quized me on stuff like distances to the Sun, in miles or kms rounded off, AU, or his favorite, "make the answer easy by accepting" light time." to mess with people who thought he was not normal, he said the spacecraft that takes him home leaves for Orion on Tuesdays, and booked before Sunday (or something like that) and incase I ever need to know, never ever enter a wormhole slower than warp six (or faster?) I'm sure it's a Star Trek (the original) reference.
    Another was what number I was in "agreement with" for the hubble constant and I used to think "who knows that?"
    I got older and more interested as time went on, and I am amazed, myself now, how much is going on, all around us, every direction and scaled from impossibly small to impossibly big and how little people actually have any idea. I knew something was off when I got extra credit from my high school physics teacher for telling him the speed of light, in miles, to the 4th decimal value.

    Sorry kinda rambled.

    I was happy I knew the answers to some of the forum questions, and I am interested in buying a few textbooks eventually, and I would love to read/answer/participate in anything I am able to be accurate with. That's my interests and a little(ish) about me.

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    That was an interesting bio read, welcome!
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