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New More Deadly HIV (any info?)

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    I saw this on another message board.

    Someone said it was in yesterday's NY Times (Saturday 12 Feb?)

    "... new strain called 3-DCR HIV. Full blown AIDs now sets in within 2-3 months instead of 10 years.Its resistent to 3 out of four treatments,and renders 19 out of 20 drugs useless...."

    does anyone have a link about this? Did anyone see the NYT article
    or any other news item? I have no assurance that the story is for real, although I suspect that it is.

    According to the account I saw, a person with the new strain was discovered in NY
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    I caught a headline on it yesterday, but didn't read the article. The headline said something like new strain resistant to HIV drugs. Rapid mutation of the virus has been a problem in fighting it from the onset. I'll have to look further into it, though 10 years for seroconversion from HIV to AIDS might be due to the drugs slowing the process down. I think there has always been a lot more variability than that. Though 2-3 months does seem rapid.
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    Could AIDS virus mutate so much to get airborne.That would be cool er I mean BAD. :cry:
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    Airborn AIDS would be widespread devastation! It'd make the 1918 pandemic look like a flea bite.

    I heard the new type of AIDS was discovered in a homosexual man which had quite a few partners before diagnosed. So I guess it's frantic searching for all his partners from here on.

    Weird thing is, wouldn't such a fast "seroconversion" (I don't know what this means, just quoting Moonbear) be a suicidal mutation for the virus?

    --Happy Valentines Day!
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    I agree, it would only effect sex maniacs sort of, cind of. The rest would die before they had sex with a new partner.

    And what in earth would make aids airborn? It's not even that cind of virus, what would it spread through, farts?

    Perhaps in a million years it will go airborn. but we can handle it by then, don't you think?
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    The fight against viruses is endless. Everytime we come up with something to "destroy" the virus, it comes back with a deadly vengeance. I guess the only time we can really defeat the viruses once and for all is to kill ourselves and all other organisms in the planet.

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    Bloodborne pathogens do not propogate that way. It's an interesting theory, but like the 'mosquito vector', it has no observational or theoretical support. I'm tempted to use the term 'cowpie', but will resist until a more compelling theory is offered. Biology is not my forte, but you don't need a degree to detect a whiff.
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    Is the flue mutating or is it alot of different viruses?
  10. Mar 3, 2005 #9
    mosquitoes is in a sense a way for bloodborne pathogens to become airborne wouldn't you say??? laughing out loud @ Sariaht's "And what in earth would make aids airborn? It's not even that cind of virus, what would it spread through, farts?" :rofl:
  11. Mar 14, 2005 #10
    Okay, mosquitoes would make aids airborn. you have answered my question. Obviously that was not what I ment but ok. Those who eat's raw frog is in the danger zone. Those damn frogs, let's kill them all... no wait, most of them are extinct, right. (Hehe)
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