New to building a wind generator -- Need help

  1. I thought it is easy when I was watching all sorts of instruction videos. However, now I have Fisher and Paykel stator and rotor, and I cannot solve how rotor is suppose to spin. The magnets are so strong that I do not think any wind will be able to move it.
    When I received my parts, I had hard time separating rotor and stator, magnets are holding them together and rotor won't spin without a great force (I could not move it manually). What am I missing?
    In those videos where people show how they hooked up a light bulb to it and even with light spin, it generates enough power for the bulb to work, it does not seem like it takes any efforts to spin the rotor.
    Need a suggestion, please.
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  3. I do not know to much about this topic at all, but I think the idea is that the blades turn either a magnet of a coil of wire (faraday effect) to generate electricity. Therefore, I would think that the magnets should not be touching or be together but rather separated so you can put the coil between to generate the effect.
    Is not sure about the specifics of this design, but it would look at the videos specifically showing what they did with these parts as you might have to take them apart somehow or have a piece that goes in between them!
    Sorry I am not more help!
  4. There is something wrong with your set up. I have worked on many F&P rotors and stators and they should spin quite freely; with one or two fingers, even when they are in terrible condition. Check bearings, shafts, interference ect
  5. I dont know anything about this either, but I found this without too much trouble

    google "Fisher and Paykel wind generator decogging"

    good luck with your project
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