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Hey , i'm really new to physics , in the sence i've never taken it before but now that i'm in university i have too, i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good learning site so i can catch up and grasp all these concepts that dont seem to add up math sytles but for some odd reason make sence in the physics world, like adding vectors , that just doesn't make sence to me.

thanks for any help you can give...

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Wel... PF is a good learning site. :wink: Welcome.

Do you have any specific queries? Any areas of particular vagueness?
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Don't you have to take Physics in highschool before you can take University level physics? I'd think it would be quite hard to make such a big jump without having knowledge or atleast sufficient knowledge of the basics which you learn in highschool.
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No, unfortunately there are many places where physics is not required in secondary school. There are even places where physics is not even OFFERED but don't get me started on this.

I would think that, in the United Kingdom, English would be required for entrance into the university and "LostPuppy" seems a bit weak on that too!
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Yeah, LostPuppy, that's one hell of a long sentence you got there. :)
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thanks for the help guys....

and no i didn't need physics in highschool , but i have to take it in university. my major is biology and biotechnology.

as for grammer, its the internet, who uses proper grammer?

lol sorry thats what years of ICQ , MSN , and bloging will do to you.