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Newbie building an element

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    im trying to produce about 270degrees celcius and have a 12v 500ma adapter i plug into the wall, ive wound the wire from a toaster round a nail, imn not getting enough heat though. ive tryed 5 small lenghts in parallel a single long piece, a single short piece....

    so tell me, what configuration will give me the most heat?
    would it be better to use copper wire? if so can anyone recommend a thickness? tryed it with thin wire but only the adapter heated up. i dont really want to get into calculating the resistivity of each metal etc, just want someone to help me get 270 degrees with a piece of wire and a 12v 500mA adapter.

    ive seen it done before, just didnt take note of the thickness/turns

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    Given the wall adapter as a starting point, you will get the most power out of it if the resistance of the nichrome toaster wire matches the output resistance of the wall adapter. You measure the output resistance of the wall adapter by loading it with two different load resistances, and calculating the open circuit voltage and output resistance based on those two points. Do you know how to do that?
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    yeah, ive pluged it into an old psu, working great now :D
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